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why bella starting kindy means my sex life is dead

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So today was Bella’s first day of kindy. (Trumpets sounding from the heavens).

I think my sex life is dead

Bella’s first day of kindy with her massive backpack

She has been super pumped to go to school for ages. I’ve been ambivalent. Some days I was even annoyed by the whole starting school thing. Quite honestly, having a school aged child just makes me feel old and I believe I am statistically less likely to have hot, drunken sex ever again. “Another glass of red? Sure I’d love t….Oh hang on. I can’t. I’ve got to pick my kid up from school”. BANG. THUMP. Sound of hot guy falling off bar stool and running away.

I think my sex life is dead

More simple times when I still looked young & fresh WITH child #MelbourneCup

So she’s at a Catholic School. I hung around for a while in the kindy room wishing the kids would just SHUT-UP and faintly through the cacophony I could her the kindy teacher attempting to thank the parents for coming. This thrilled me because it meant my Dad and I could get the hell OUT of there. See ya Bella wouldn’t want to be ya. But just before we made our hasty exit the lovely kindy teacher suddenly found her voice and said goodbye to ALL THE MUMMY’S AND DADDY’S. Bloody hell. But Bells didn’t miss a beat. She grabs my Dad’s hand and yells out, “AND GRANDPA’S!”

I think my sex life is dead

My Dad Rog (otherwise known as Grandpa) with Bells & myself #kindy

Good on you kid. I may never have sex with a hottie again but I’m glad you’ve taken in the lesson that all families are different and its totally cool. Lise xxx