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raw comedy stand-up for a laugh

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I’m not one to make New Year resolutions but honestly, the last few years have been pretty average both professionally and socially. I wanted, no that’s crap, I NEEDED 2013 to be a great year. I knew I had to make changes to my lifestyle if I didn’t want to remain partnerless for the rest of my life and end up at 80 drinking sherry out of a jug while watching Oprah re-runs with my 57 cats. But most importantly, this year I wanted to enjoy and celebrate all the good fortune that has come my way over the last 10 years rather than focus on how hard I work (complain) or rue the numerous commitments I juggle on a very small plate every single hour of every single day (whinge).

I knew I wanted to have more quality time with Isabella now that she is three and I absolutely, definitely needed to have more fun in my life. That’s a lot of knowing isn’t it? So this year, in an effort to kickstart all of the above, I embarked on a new pastime. I have wanted to take up this particular pastime for many years and finally found the courage (and made the time) to make it a reality. I called my brother Andy in London and told him about my new pastime and the shock of hearing what it entailed rendered him temporarily speechless. I thought we had a dodgy phone line until he found his voice and began to yell something along the lines of…’My god Lisa why would you DO that to yourself…are you crazy!’ But I knew for sure that my new pastime was a real winner when my incredibly supportive Dad, after hearing what I had embarked upon, sat down, shook his head sadly and inquired what had happened to me in my childhood so that I would WANT to pursue such a humiliating venture.

Lazy Susan's Comedy Den at the Brisbane Hotel. My first stand-up gig. For sick kids.

Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den at the Brisbane Hotel. My first stand-up gig. For sick kids.

I decided that 2013 is the year I will finally attempt IT. And that IT is stand-up comedy. Yes. I know. It’s completely insane. I’ve already got a full-time job. On top of that I’m a single mother with a super active three year old and more functions to host than I’ve eaten hot dinners. I’m too busy to have a social life and I haven’t been on a date for four years yet I have this need to spend the precious hours I do have spare writing jokes that are probably mildly funny at best, harborers of shame at worst and I actually WANT to stand in front of a live audience and tell those jokes. I’m a bit crazy right? But that’s the point. I am a bit crazy. And I’ve found comedy to be an outlet for that craziness. As well as my secret morbidity. When writing I find I can express parts of my personality that would normally be kept hidden and I can share my frequently offbeat opinions and thoughts through humour. Mentally it’s a win-win for me as comedy enables me to clear my overly cluttered mind and allows me to vent.

As I write this piece for Offspring I can see an email telling me I made it to the WA semi-final’s of RAW Comedy being held on the 7th March 2013 at the Charles Hotel. The RAW Comedy competition is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. And yea, I’m not ashamed to say I’m really chuffed. There were 8 heats over 8 weeks with 15 comedians per heat fighting for a spot so I’m pretty bloody thrilled! I’m also realistic enough to know I probably won’t make in any further in the competition but I’m proud of myself for having the courage to enter. I’m not sure what performing regularly in front of a live audience will mean for my future career but I’m willing to get on the bus and see where it takes me.

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